Become a volunteer

Fundraising can happen anywhere anytime! At work, school, college, a club and even your local pub! Organising an event is simple. If you would like to organise an event but not sure where to start, our team at TIK-TOC can help.

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Sponsor a chlid

For as little as £300 per year you can change the life of an African child and ensure that he or she reaches his or her potential in life by securing a secondary level education. If you are interested in sponsoring one of our children, please contact us.

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School partnerships

The Year 6 children at Stamford Park have been learning about Kenya as part of the KS2 Geography Curriculum. The children had the task of looking at rural communities and their education and comparing them to ours in the UK.

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Every penny counts

Therefore ALL funds raised by TIK-TOC will go directly to the children's education. No money that is raised and donated will be used for expenses or admin costs. TIK-TOC is a wholly voluntary and non-profitable organisation.

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Born Free

Global friends of the Born Free Foundation
At TIK-TOC we have developed a firm relationship with the team at Born Free Kenya. We support their community projects in helping rural communities living in wildlife areas improve their school facilities and education. Through education, the community is slowly changing their perception and accepting the importance of co-existing with wildlife and the ways in which to do this.

The grace, strength and beauty of big cats holds a special fascination. Intelligent, powerful and agile, big cats are skilled hunters who rely on stealth, camouflage and lightning-speed reactions. But many big cats are endangered and sadly the main threat is human activity. Big cats are killed for their beautiful fur and body parts, their homes are destroyed, and captive animals are exploited in zoos and circuses. Visit the Born Free website

Our Mission

Happiness, stability and education.
To promote conservation through education; to provide opportunities the children would not otherwise have and to bring joy into their lives.